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Origins of the Expression Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense

Beginnings of the Expression Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense Honi soit qui mal y pense are French words thatâ youll find on Britains illustrious layer of arms,â on the front of British international IDs, in British courts, and somewhere else of note. In any case, for what reason does this Middle French articulation show up in profound authority utilizes in Britain?â Birthplaces of Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense These words were first articulated by Englands King Edward III in the fourteenth century. Around then, he ruled over a piece of France. The language expressed at the English court among the aristocracyâ and ministry and in official courtrooms was Norman French,â as it had been since the hour of William the Conqueror of Normandy, beginning in 1066. While the decision classes spoke Norman French, the workers (who involved most of the populace) kept on communicating in English. French in the long run dropped out of utilization for reasons of common sense. By the center of the fifteenth century, English again rose to the seat, in a manner of speaking, supplanting French in British focuses of power.â Around 1348, King Edward III established the Chivalric Order of the Garter, which today is the most elevated request of valor and the third most renowned respect granted in Britain. It isn't known with conviction why this name was picked for the order. According to student of history Elias Ashmole, the Garter is established on the possibility that as King Edward III arranged for the Battle of Crã ©cyâ during the Hundred Years War,â he gave forward his own fastener as the sign. On account of Edwards presentation of the lethal longbow, the well-prepared British armed force continued to vanquish a multitude of thousands of knights under French King Philip VI in this unequivocal fight in Normandy. Another hypothesis recommends a very surprising and rather fun story: King Edward III was hitting the dance floor with Joan of Kent, his first cousin and girl in-law. Her supporter descended to her lower leg, causing individuals close by to deride her. In a demonstration of valor, Edward put the supporter around his own leg saying, in Middle French, Honi soit qui mal y pense. Telâ qui sen rit aujourdhui, shonorera de la porter,â car ce ruban sera mis en tel honneur que les railleurs le chercheront avec empressement (Shame on him who considers detestable it. Thoseâ who giggle at this today will be pleased to wear itâ tomorrowâ because this band will be worn with such respect that those deriding presently will be searching for it with much eagerness).â Which means of the Phrase These days, this articulation could be utilized to state Honte celui qui y voit du mal, or Shame on the person who sees something terrible [or evil] in it.â Je danse souvent avec Juliette...Mais cest mama cousine, et il ny a rien entre nous: Honi soit qui mal y pense!ï » ¿I regularly hit the dance floor with Juliette. In any case, she is my cousin, and there is nothing between us: Shame on the person who sees something terrible in it! Spelling Variations Honi originates from the Middle French action word honir, which meansâ to disgrace, disrespect, shame. Today is rarely utilized. Honi is now and again spelled honni with two ns. Both are articulated like nectar. Sources Editors. Skirmish of Crecy. The History Channel, AE Television Networks, LLC, March 3, 2010. The Order of the Garter. The Royal Household, England.

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4 Comics for Fans of Making a Murderer

4 Comics for Fans of Making a Murderer This post was originally published at Panels, our sister site about all things comics! Check out more from them here. _______________ While the sophomore  season of Serial has yet to recapture the the zeal surrounding its debut caper, true crime enthusiasts have found a new obsession on Netflix. The 10-episode Making a Murderer documentary is a sensation. A decade in the making, it chronicles the prosecutionand some argue persecutionof Wisconsins Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey for the 2005 abduction, rape, murder, and mutilation of photographer Teresa Halbach. The crux for the defense teams, particularly in Averys case, was the suggestion that Avery, previously released from prison after serving 18 years for an assault he didnt commit, had been targeted by vengeful county law enforcement and attorneys. Dasseys team further posited that the inept teen was coerced into providing a damaging, though wildly inconsistent confession implicating himself as well as his uncle in the crime. Is this simply a messy and disorganized prosecution, or were one or both of these men wrongfully convicted as the result of a deep conspiracy? Ive personally been watching the series in a loop since it premiered in December, pausing however infrequently to dash out for repeat screenings of The Force Awakens. The twists and turns in the investigation and ensuing trials makes for endlessly compelling television, the level of access an invaluable resource for fans and writers of true crime and legal dramas alike. Theres also something especially bittersweet about Dasseys story in particular, and much has been written about the snapshot of modern tragedy provided by the banal phone conversations with his beleaguered mother. Yeah?Yeah.Huh?Yeah?Yeah. Yeah. Next time on #MakingAMurderer paul montgoMERRY XMAS, YALL! (@fuzzytypewriter) December 23, 2015 Yep, Ive been caught in the riptide, alright. Ive lost days of sleep trying to parse Brendan Dasseys offhand mention of that girl who got eaten by the alligator. #MakingAMurderer paul montgoMERRY XMAS, YALL! (@fuzzytypewriter) January 1, 2016 Absolutely my favorite moment of #makingamurderer A post shared by Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) on Jan 1, 2016 at 10:34am PST Right, so, where to turn to next. Especially for us comic readers. Well, Ive got some options for you. Green River Killer by  Jef Jensen and Jonathan Case   This ones the high water mark for investigative reports on high profile killers, the one I first recommend when asked for non-fiction crime comic recommendations. Stark and sobering, Jensen and Case offer an account of an evolving investigation. Just as the advancement of DNA testing exonerated and freed Stephen Avery after his 18 year bid, those same breakthroughs helped put Gary Leon Ridgway away for at least 49 murders in Washington state. This case is of particular interest because it centers on 180 days of interviews between Ridgway and investigator Tom Jensen, the writers father. Such access is vital stuff. And it doesnt hurt that this Eisner winning book is drawn by Jonathan Case (Batman 66), one of the industrys best craftsman. My Friend Dahmer by Derf Backderf This is generally the second book I recommend, right after GRK. Again, access is a big thing, but this is a very different book. Written and drawn with an R. Crumb level appreciation for the grotesque and banal in everyday life, My Friend Dahmer is an intimateif sometimes admittedly vagueremembrance of a sociopath in his troubled youth. John Derf Backderf attended Richfield, Ohios Revere High School with Jeffrey Dahmer. Friendships are a tricky thing, and Backderfs seemingly candid depiction of his relationship with Dahmer suggests something closer to observer and curiosity than any deep bond. But the authors speculation about Dahmers home life is a tender addition to the story, particularly as he attempts to make sense of the violence to come. Surviving Saskatoon: Milgaard and Me by David Collier This is a bit of a deep dive and may prove a bit of a goose chase in the vein of finding a green Toyota Rav4 in a packed salvage yard (then again). Published back in 2000, cartoonist David Collier (American Splendor) recounts the trial of another David, Milgaard, wrongfully convicted in 1971 for the rape and murder of a nursing assistant named Gail Miller. Its also a portrait of both  Davids native Saskatoon at the time. Though he was only eight at the time of Milgaards trial, Collier vividly recalls a deeply conservative community, rigid and suspicious. By the time Milgaard was released, a year before Collier released his comic, the man had served 23 years in prison. The essay strip is also collected in Portraits of Life. The Lindbergh Child: Americas Hero and the Crime of the Century (Treasury of XXth Century Murder) by Rick Geary As you can see from the parenthetical in the title, Gearys pretty serial, erserious, about serial killers. Hes written and drawn six graphic accounts of graphic murders from the 20th century, eight more from the Victorian era. Any of them would prove ideal followups to Making a Murder viewers, but Im singling out this, the first in this XXth Century Murder series, for the conspiracy element. The 1932 disappearance, ransom, and murder of toddler Charles Lindbergh,  Jr.  remains a contentious case (as well as a not-so-timely anecdote my mother offers helpless cashiers when shes unable to find correct change in her massive, overstuffed purse). Over a two year investigation numerous suspects were sought and a number of attention-craving interlopers strove to insinuate themselves into the affair. Gearys profiled far more prolific killers, but the Lindbergh case trumps them all for convolution and a startling whorl of deception. Sign up to The Stack to receive  Book Riot Comic's best posts, picked for you. Thank you for signing up! Keep an eye on your inbox.

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The Request For Proposal Process - 2846 Words

Cynthia Holden IS 578 The Request for Proposal Process Enterprises seeking a consulting firm or product vendor for management, strategy, outsourcing, software implementation, change management, or a host of other reasons issue a request for proposal (RFP) to elicit bids for services or products from vendors in the form of a responding proposal. The RFP process is a means of bringing structure and transparency to the procurement decision and the process allows both the client and potential vendors to vet each other to determine if they are suitable business partners. Before an organization issues the formal RFP to potential vendors, the organization completes several steps. Steps to the Formal RFP One of the most imperative steps†¦show more content†¦And the weight they will assign to each of the criteria. Drafting and Publishing the RFP Documenting the requirements for the engagement is essential, however the requirements need not be exhaustive as to limit the creativity of the respondents. The RFP team needs to take care that the RFP does not include the solution to the issue. In doing so, the team is essentially saying to the respondents, â€Å"We know what is best.† Consequently, some firms may conclude that the potential client is difficult to work with and not worth the effort of responding to the RFP. This limits the pool of respondents and the client may miss an opportunity to collaborate with a consulting firm or product vendor whose ideas and or products are beneficial to their organization’s project success. Requirements are just a portion of the RFP, it should also include, organizational background, short project description and project objectives: In my experience this is often the lengthiest section of the RFP, as it describes the characteristics that define a successful outcome of the project in the team’s estimation. It is worth noting that in general, specific, closed questions are easier to evaluate and score than open-ended ones. However, open-ended questions allow for creativity and may add to the evaluation time, as well as clarity on what the consulting firm or product has to offer. The RFP commonlyShow MoreRelatedPerforming A Cost Benefit Analysis1635 Words   |  7 Pagesstability are all reflected in vendor cost and would be reflected in the cost-benefit analysis and will aid in the vendor selection process. Request for information is the phase in the project where vendor information is requested. A request for information may include information such as rates, experience, and relevant reasons for the vendor’s application. A request for information or RIF is a good way to establish the vendor’s communication ability with potential clients. Electronic Health RecordsRead MoreProposal : A Proposal For Proposal1064 Words   |  5 Pagesbusiness, a request for proposal is a contract between two partners, or companies that one side offers the proposal while the other side will help to take care and mange that proposal to make it more successfully. This agreement is considered as a type of document which investors announce that funding is available for a particular project. Companies or investors have money, however the project is over their control because it requires a long and complex process. Therefore, a request for proposal is a needRead MoreThe Steps in the Acquisition Pr ocess for a Negotiated Best Value Source Selection1344 Words   |  6 PagesAcquisition is a process that requires teamwork with each individual and/or group working together to ensure that the customer is provided the greatest overall benefit in response to their requirements (best value). Acquisition planning should start once the need for supplies or services are identified. Integrated Product Teams (IPT) should be used when needed to help develop the acquisition strategy. The use of these teams will reduce false starts and delays resulting from unclear scopes ofRead MoreKey Issues and Concerns in the Development of a Proposal Essay1299 Words   |  6 PagesKey Issues and Concerns in the Development of a Proposal Key Issues and Concerns in the Development of a Proposal Introduction Status of the Opportunity The first steps taken after reviewing a Request for Proposal involves determining the status of the opportunity. (Johnson-Sheehan, 2008). In short one must determine if an opportunity or problem exists. The Request for Proposal under review indicates that Government officials are soliciting a vocational initiative that will be funded toRead MoreCorwin Corporation Case Analysis1005 Words   |  5 PagesCorporation is an internationally known rubber products manufacturer with a reputation for quality. Corwin’s management is conservative and favors expanding markets for existing product over new product development. The company receives frequent requests to manufacture specialty products. A strict management policy and a risk adverse culture results in a 90% no bid on specialty product inquiries. However, Corwin selected to respond to a bid from one of its customers. The project was a complete failureRead MoreProject Management Of The Project1246 Words   |  5 PagesThe propos al writing process is multifaceted, encompassing both the actual submission of a request for proposal as well as the management of the implementation of received funds. Through class lectures and assigned readings, we’ve discussed the various aspects that make up the process of grant writing. Through this essay, I will explain this process as it leads up the management of the project once funded. Furthermore, this essay will explain how to ensure that the proposal submitted addresses keyRead MoreAbstract. This Document Will Briefly Discuss Subjects And1361 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract This document will briefly discuss subjects and answer questions related to the development of a Request for Proposal (RFP). First, the purpose of the Management Requirements Section will be discussed and its importance to the RFP. As well, different methods will be reviewed that ensure suppliers provide buyers with the right resources, in addition to managing the risk associated with low quality resources. Further, the complexity of training logistics is discussed in comparison buyerRead MoreMock Request for Proposal1105 Words   |  5 PagesRequest for Proposals Ethan Binkley ENG/221 April 23, 2013 Request for Proposals (RFP) for: A a t Administrative Assistant Temps Microsoft Office Training Services Administrative Assistant Temps (AAT) 555 N. Business Park Avenue Nowhere NY 95952 Section 1: INTRODUCTION TO THE COMPANY 1.1 Introduction Administrative Assistant Temps (AAT) is an agency designed to fill short term, administrative and secretarial positions for companies around the globe. We have beenRead MoreRequest For Proposal Rfp ( Rfp )1738 Words   |  7 Pages REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) PROJECT NAME COMPANY NAME STREET ADDRESS CITY, STATE ZIP CODE DATE TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. SUMMARY AND BACKGROUND 2 2. PROPOSAL GUIDELINES 2 3. PROJECT PURPOSE AND DESCRIPTION 3 4. PROJECT SCOPE 4 5. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL AND PROJECT TIMELINE 5 6. BUDGET 5 7. BIDDER QUALIFICATIONS 6 8. PROPOSAL EVALUATION CRITERIA 6 1. SUMMARY AND BACKGROUND Center for Advance Research in Engineering (Care) is currently accepting proposals to Reverse Engineer the availableRead MoreCorwin Corporation Case Analysis997 Words   |  4 PagesCorporation is an internationally known rubber products manufacturer with a reputation for quality. Corwin’s management is conservative and favors expanding markets for existing product over new product development. The company receives frequent requests to manufacture specialty products. A strict management policy and a risk adverse culture results in a 90% no bid on specialty product inquiries. However, Corwin selected to respond to a bid from one of its customers. The project was a complete failure

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The Historical Context Of West African History - 1039 Words

For our final paper, we were to read Sundiate. This was my favorite book to read due to the fact that I have an interest in West African history. From reading this book we should know the historical context, who Songolon Kolonkan and Balla Fasseke are and what roles they play, what details show existence of long distance trade, what the universal religion is, and what we learned about West African history. The book really gave me a broad idea of what life would be like during that time. I can only imagine seeing thousands of traders coming into Mali with their camels and donkeys carrying what they had to trade. What is the historical contexts? Sundiate was born in the kingdom of Mali. He lived was born in 1217, and lived a short 38 years†¦show more content†¦Balla was there to help Sundiata whenever he got put into bad situations. The father of Sundiata ,Maghan Kon Fatta, also had a griot who went by the name of Gnankouman Doua (Sundiata, xvii). An interesting fact about gr iots is that their position moves down to their child. Balla basically was to teach and pass on the traditions of the Mali culture. Balla also played a major role in how Sundiata began to walk. Sundiata was tired of constantly having to crawl everywhere he went and had enough of everybody talking about him. Sundiata requested the Balla bring him an iron bar to assist in holding him up. It takes a lot of courage for someone to do that. Sogolon Kolonkan was the sister to Sundiata. She also protected and guided him. They have the same parents, so they are full blooded brother and sister. Sogolon wached over him. There were witches who were going to test Sundiata , but he ,unknowingly, had nothing to worry about. â€Å"Sogolon was very well versed in the art of witchcraft and watched over brother† (Sundiata, 26). Sogolon was not going to let anything happen that she did not think Sundiata couldn’t handle. What details shows existence of long distance trade? Mali sat right in the middle of the trade route that runs through West Africa. Trade was a booming in Mali. Traders traveled for hundreds of miles because of the variety of resources and items that were coming through. Due to that fact that the traders needed to carry many goods across far distance they

Dracula Queer Theory Free Essays

The existence of alien and intolerable behavior generates fear into society’s mentality of the expected conduct. But does the ‘queer’ lurk under the bed? Or is it a part of all of us? The classic text â€Å"Dracula†, written by Bram Stoker, is valuable in understanding the course of society in its exploration of tabooed acts and mentalities, supported by the â€Å"Queer Theory† prevalent in the mid 1900’s. Although the queer theory describes the author’s subconscious drive for homosexual and feministic expression, Stoker’s stand point, however, is to highlight society’s vulnerability caused by their oppression of individuality and lack of conformity. We will write a custom essay sample on Dracula Queer Theory or any similar topic only for you Order Now Through this text we have been able to understand the flaws in a conformist society where individuality and the â€Å"different† are oppressed. Each community has their own particular morals and ethics, and when the actions of the different penetrates and ‘influences’ these expectations, those in power result to force in order to restore the original values that were compromised. Stoker’s warning of the supernatural feared the people of his century, anyone who appeared or acted ‘differently’ to what was expected, as represented through the characters in Dracula. It has been rumored that Dracula extends the element of the â€Å"Queer Theory† to a whole distinct level. Through analysis of Dracula’s behaviors, it is questioned whether or not Dracula indeed was queer himself. Besides the supernatural and gothic abilities that he encompassed, Dracula showed evidence of homosexuality. When the Count saw my face, his eyes blazed in some sort of demonic fury† (Page 33), is evident of the desire for blood, which according to the ‘Queer Theory’ symbolizes his confused sexual desire for men. Dracula thus represents the disturbance in masculinity, as he enters his femininity; a further demonstration of the 1900’s ‘Queer Theory. ’ Therefore it can be argued that Dracula is valued by the social outcas ts of modern society as it gives hope to those who choose the express their individuality. Unusual behaviors are often intolerably indicated within a society that has strict expectations and values. Stoker’s upbringing revolved around women who were independent in their own ways, however societies expectations disallowed this aspect of humanity as men where thought to be the masculine and dominant figure. The queer theory suggests that Bram Stoker concealed his â€Å"mismatch of gender roles, sex and desires† (Judith Butler, 1994) due to the clashes of his personal upbringing with society’s expectations. Women being the submissive and weak figures reflected through the words of Stoker as he portrayed this bewilderedness through Dracula who himself becomes weak at any sense of unassertive or dominant sex. Dracula’s confusion is evident as he seduces the ‘devoted’ Lucy where he demonstrates the authoritative paternal figure yet. However, when he portrays his desire and possession of Jonathan, claiming â€Å"he belongs to [him]† (Page 46), he symbolizes the feminine teenage girl who has a fascination with the opposite sex. How to cite Dracula Queer Theory, Papers

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Organizational Objectives and Total Compensation in Different Markets

Compensation laws and regulations are established with the aim of protecting and safeguarding the rights of works within various departments of work. In other words, these laws play the key role of creating non-discrimination in the benefits provided to workers in terms of compensation.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Organizational Objectives and Total Compensation in Different Markets specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In that regard, there is need for organizations to come up with effective administration strategies that would ensure there is a total compensation for all their workers. One of the major strategies here is compensation in terms of benefits or allowances, which has become more common in the compensation administration of many employment sectors. The laws and regulations governing total compensation are almost similar in many workplaces, since they address the same issues regarding workers in those organizations (Martocchio, 2010). The main objective of this paper is to offer an analytical view of the regulations, along with the differences and similarities that would tend to influence compensation of workers in a Biotechnology Organization and other companies in the market. There are certain laws and regulations affecting the concept of total compensation in different business organizations. One good example of these laws is the Equal Pay Act that was enacted in the year 1963, to protect workers against any form of discrimination regarding their salary or wages on the basis of aspects such as gender, race, or their status at work. This law offers a restriction against any form of discrimination based on gender differences for persons serving in similar positions within the same organization (Frye, 2004). Another common example of a law attached to total compensation for federal organizations is the Fair Labor Standards Act, which covers things such as equal pay, minimum wages , underage labor regulations and overtime compensation, among other key issues of concern that affect employees in their jobs. Employees serving in the Biotechnology sector share the same benefits with other workers from other organizations, as it is dictated by various labor laws and regulations under the federal umbrella. For instance, just like employees from other organizations, workers serving in the biotechnology company are entitled to the demands of the Equal Pay Act, since their working particulars are not any different from those of other organizations, where the issue of gender prevails. Similarly, employees in the biotechnology are also entitled to the demands of the Retirement Income Security Act, 1974, just like other employees from other companies in the market. The main goal of this law is to ensure that workers’ pension plans are well regulated and observed across various organizations.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More However, companies operating within the biotechnology industry would tend to indulge in matters involving special hazards to health, in the development of useful products. Other noteworthy issues which may affect biotechnology employees are ethical and moral-related aspects that are likely to be realized in their working conditions and processes. Unlike other employees, workers in the biotechnology sector are always exposed to many environmental and social issues, and in that regard, their compensation plans deserve special care and attention. In this respect, the provisions of Old Age, Survivors, Disability and Health Insurance Program (OASDHI) would be necessary for anyone working in the industry. This program would guarantee the workers supplementary security income and medical concern among other benefits, thus helping to boost employees’ motivation. Another law which may be relevant to biotechnology emp loyees is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, 1996. This regulation provides many provisions which address the working conditions of these people. References Frye, M. (2004). Equity-based compensation for employees: firm performance and determinants. Journal of Financial Research, 27(1), 31-54. Martocchio, J. (2010). Strategic Compensation: A Human Resource Management  Approach. New York: Pearson Prentice Hall. This essay on Organizational Objectives and Total Compensation in Different Markets was written and submitted by user D'KenNeraman1 to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.